Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus terrorizes users with recurrent popups. The virus aims at persuading you that the popup is produced on a root level and on behalf of British police. The popup displayed by the virus reads, in particular, “your PC has been blocked due to United Kingdom law violation”.
Payment of seventy five pounds is demanded in exchange of password upon entering which one would be able to unlock the PC in question. The alert, fortunately, does not completely block your access to computer system. You can remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus ransoming malware without satisfying the demands of cyber terrorists, who are rather pilferers that have started large scale affair. They evidently have got no access to proper online banking as the payment is offered in Ukash while paying with credit card is specified as a secondary option, for most of online system would not accept it.
Get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus as the scamware is the same kind of scam as Bundespolizei ukash virus and La policía ESPAÑOLA ransomware. Names of the above authorities have been misused by hackers for scaring and tricking purposes. Removal tool for the virus that masters the scam is available here (free scan link).

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus malware details:



Threat type: Trojan horse

Threat version:2011

Country (state) of origin: Russian Federation

Risk: High

Signs of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus infection:

Once you have noted any strange changes in your computer system behavior, it might be the infection’s impact. This threat intentionally customizes system settings and adds new values to the system registry. Such measures allow it launching automatically as your system is warming up.

There may be no direct signs of the threat. Therefore, as soon as you have any ground to suspect the infection introduction, click here to check whether your apprehensions were true launching free scan in order to detect and remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus, as well as other detected parasites.

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus automatical removal:

Contemporary malware has a habit of acting in groups. The threat considered in this post may have several threats assisting it and may be used as assistant to other infections, which is why complex malware removal is the best way to get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus. In addition, if you remove it automatically, your PC will get a life-time armor against future malware introductions.